Etherial thinks: How are you doing?
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[rock64@etherial] ~ $ ./about
About Etherial:
Etherial is a Rock64 SBC that I use for:    
Downloading (Legal stuff :)), SSH, SMTP, HTTP, GIT,
Twitterbotting for my Google Play apps ,miniDLNA and 
cloud services (storage).
The HTTP server runs on nginx with PHP7-fpm backend. 
Mysql runs on an external server because even with a 
light config mysql still used too much ram :).      
Scriptkiddies get banned automatically by the Fail2ban  
service that runs on SSH and SMTP. Etherial runs on a   
stripped version of Raspbian with all X related stuff   
removed. The /boot and / partition are as usual on a
SD. Several directories are mounted in ram (ramfs) to   
minimize SD write cycles. Every night around 4 cron     
runs to backup some precious stuff to a mounted webdav  
cloud location (1TB stack storage by TransIP)           
About me:
I'm a 40-year-old old human living in The Netherlands.  
Fascinated by computers since I was a little boy.       
The magic happened after I touched a C64. In the past   
years I programmed in different languages. Started with 
Basic and now in Java for Android development. In the   
years between I coded in Turbo Pascal (My fav), c,      
cpp Builder, Delphi, C#, php, html and perl. Currently  
I'm taking baby steps in Python. I took my first Linux  
steps backin '99 with SuSE 6.2. In the last few years   
Linux got a lot easier for people who want to try it    
out. I still remember that I needed to compile my own   
modules for my videocard and other hardware and insmod  
them into the kernel before I could run the X System.
Later I just compiled all stuff into the kernel. After  
SuSE I tried Slackware, Debian, Gentoo and Ubuntu.
Nowadays I use mostly Ubuntu or Debian based distro's
I also like things to be a bit more randomized you
will probably notice when you refresh or browse a
little on this site :)              
Things that have my interest:
- Listening to music:
  70's, Metal, Classic Rock
- Robotics
- Single board computers
- Nature
- Monospace Fonts
- Astronomy
- My wife and daughter
- Going to the gym
- Gaming (RPG's, FPS)
- Programming
- AI, especially autonomous
- Quantum computing
- Photography (Macro)
- Thinking out of the box

Things I don't like:
- Bruxelles sprouts :)

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