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This is my miniblog, I will post random stuff here

August 28 2016 @ 10:56
Since a few day ago I finally got a RPI 3. I've been
busy configuring the new RPI and installing my headless
server while hoping the SD card wouldn't corrupt. Now I
am finally done, and if the SD ever gets corrupt again I
can write the last SD image to my sd and restart my RPI.
This way I can be within 15 minutes back online. :)

August 25 2016 @ 00:25
The mysql server used around 233mb of ram which is a
bit too much for my like. Now I migrated all SQL
databases to an external server which is great. at
least I dont have to export a daily SQL backup 
anymore, but only the home dirs and www dirs.

April 17 2016 @ 12:22
The weather api was broken because Yahoo decided to use
a new api mechanism with OAuth. I could not be bothered
by creating a Yahoo account so I just searched for a 
new weather API on the net. Now I use the API provided 
by http://forecast.io/ :)

March 4 2016 @ 23:59
This week the new Raspberry version 3 came out. I like
the neat little machine but I think I will skip the RPI3
and go for the ODroid-C2 instead. I like the C2 better
because its sports an 64 bit cpu and it does have 2GB of
ram, EMMC and no shared lan/usb. But the best thing is
that it can run Android so I can test my created apps 
also on my TV. :)

February 14 2016 @ 20:22
Oh nooooo, because of a power shortage my RPI got
corrupted again. Oh well, within 15 minutes it's up and
running again. I am happy that I have 1TB storage on
Stack, this is where I do all backups. I mounted the
cloud storage with webdav and just use it as any other
HD. Sometimes its a bit laggy but it's not much of a
deal because I can also run programs from it :) I also
backed the 'UP' kickstarter project. The UP is also a 
SBC but with an Quad core Atom X5-8300 and 2GB ram with
EMMC. I actually backed this one because the CPU is
64BIT and have 1GB ethernet.

April 26 2015 @ 23:17
After my other RPI got corrupted a few times I ordered
a RPI 2 and I migrated everything to the new Raspberry.
The cause of the corruption was probably my old Samsung
charger that gave 0.7A 5V. Right now the RPI is powered
by a 2A 5V charger. I also mounted /var/log and the /tmp
directory in tmpfs to minimize sd card writes. On the
other RPI I copied the / filesystem to USB storage but 
this time I will keep it on the microSD :) 

December 20 2014 @ 00:18
Added Snippets page, you can find it in the menu above.
I also don't have to work anymore for the rest of the
year.. Party on!

December 18 2014 @ 22:36
Tomorrow is my last day of work for the rest of the
year! I probably start resuming my Android development
again. Last time I coded I ported some projects from
Eclipse to Android Studio. I also have a site with more
info about my apps @ http://android.maymar.nl/

December 16 2014 @ 18:02
Added random messages in the header. Still need to add
a lot more different ones. Just refresh a couple of
times to see some of the random messages. The site font
was changed to 'Ubuntu Mono'. Also validated HTML5+CSS3

December 15 2014 @ 02:07
4 days of work to go till I have a small holiday till
New Year! I also updated the site and put the pre block
inside a div while aligning it to the left. It looks
like its working now. :)

December 14 2014 @ 20:58
Did some more work on this site. Soon I will make this
site responsive and center the main content in the 
browser. I checked a movie on Youtube about the cool
Bitcraze Crazy Flie 2.0 and it really looks great. It's
a programmable drone with GPIO which can be programmed 
with Python for example. 

December 14 2014 @ 04:07
Worked on the Raspberry site. Created the first few php
pages and randomized the logo color. Almost the whole
site is written in Nano. I use JuiceSSH on my Android
to connect to my RPI. You can find the SSH client at 
the Google Play Store. It's past 04:00 at night so I'm 
going to fetch some sleep. :) Cya!

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